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  • Rental Check List
    • 21 and over and have been the holder of a driver's license for no less than two years. 
    • Original Driver's License from country of issue.
    • Cost of Rental
    • Temporary Drivers Permit
    •  All vehicles will be provided with a FULL tank of fuel upon delivery and MUST be returned with a full tank.
  • Optional Extra Charges
    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    21-24 Years - $25.00 Per Day
    25 Years and over - $15.00 Per Day
    Children’s Safety Seats
    Car Seat - $3.00 Per Day
    Booster Seat - $3.00 Per Day
    Delivery to GFL Charles Airport (Castries) $20.00
     *We also offer delivery to Local Guest houses, Hotels, etc. 

  • No hidden charges
    At Sacred Heart Car Rental there are no hidden fees. We are upfront with all fees no additional taxes or fees will be charged.
  • Drivers License
    Driving is a great way to see many of St. Lucia's many amazing sights and to explore our tropical paradise. However, like any other country we have certain things you should be aware of.

    As our terms states that a temporary drivers permit is needed. To obtain a Temporary Drivers Permit, you must have a valid drivers license in your home country. The Permit cost ($22USD) and it isn't difficult to obtain. Temporary permits are Valid for three months. However, if you are a holder of an International Driver's License, a permit is not necessary. Your International Driver's license only needs to be stamped for authorization. 

     *Option to obtain a Stamp on their International Drivers License allowing to drive legally on the island.
  • Rules Of The Road
    In St Lucia we drive on the Left-Hand side of the road. Also a large majority of our vehicles are right-hand. This can be a completely new driving experience for persons for Canada, the United State of America, etc. 

    • Other important rules to be aware of include:
    • You MUST wear a seatbelt at all times.
    • Speed Limit laws a strictly enforced. 
    • Speed limits in urban parts of St Lucia is 51 kph (32mph).
    • In case of an accident, the driver must contact the police.

about us

Sacred Heart Rent-a-Car is a St Luca based and ran car rental company. We are ran on international standards and we have been in service for over 7 years. We treat every one like family and we always ensure that you have a great car rental experience while visiting St Lucia. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We operate out of UVF, we do offer drop offs and pick ups all around the island including GLF Charles airport in Castries. Please contact us for more information.